I-Shift Transmission Services

Your Ultimate Solution for Volvo Transmissions

At iShiftDT12., we specialize in providing a full range of services for the Volvo I-Shift transmission system. Our certified technicians have extensive experience working on I-Shift transmissions, ensuring your truck gets the best care possible. 


About I-Shift Transmissions:

The I-Shift transmission is an automated manual transmission system designed by Volvo Trucks for their heavy-duty truck lineup. This advanced system offers improved fuel efficiency, safety, and driver  fort through its innovative features, such as adaptive shifting technology and an electronic control unit (ECU) that manages gear shifting, clutch control, and engine synchronization.

Our Ishift Transmission Services:

Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic services use cutting-edge tools and technology to thoroughly examine your I-Shift transmission system. We identify any potential issues, such as wear and tear, software problems, or ponent failures. By catching problems early, we can help you avoid more expensive repairs and downtime in the future. 

Repair Services

When your I-Shift transmission requires repairs, our certified mechanics use only genuine I-Shift parts to ensure the highest quality and patibility. We address issues like damaged gears, worn-out bearings, or malfunctioning sensors, providing efficient and reliable repairs that keep your truck running at its best.

Ishift transmission

Rebuild Services

Our expert technicians can rebuild your I-Shift transmission, disassembling and inspecting each ponent to identify any damaged or worn parts. We then replace these parts with genuine I-Shift ponents and reassemble the transmission, ensuring proper function and extending the life of your transmission system.



If your I-Shift transmission has reached the end of its service life, our remanufacturing service provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a brand-new unit. We disassemble the entire transmission, clean and inspect all ponents, replace any worn or damaged parts with genuine I-Shift ponents, and reassemble the unit to meet factory specifications. Our remanufactured transmissions offer performance and reliability parable to a new unit, at a fraction of the cost.



As a genuine I-Shift parts supplier, we cater to fleets and shops, ensuring that they have access to the high-quality ponents necessary for maintaining and repairing I-Shift transmissions. Our extensive inventory includes gears, bearings, sensors, seals, and more, all designed specifically for patibility and performance with I-Shift transmission systems. 


The removal and installation of I-Shift transmissions is a plex process that requires specialized knowledge and tools. Our professional technicians are experienced in performing re/re transmission services, ensuring that your truck is back on the road quickly and efficiently. We take care to properly align and calibrate the transmission during installation, guaranteeing optimal performance and seamless integration with your truck’s systems.


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