G85 & G65 Automatic 6 Gears

At IshiftDt12, we understand that finding specialized service for unique transmission systems like the G85 and G65 Automatic 6 Gears can be challenging. That’s why our certified technicians are well-equipped to handle these specialized transmission systems, ensuring your vehicle operates at peak performance and efficiency.

Experience the IshiftDt12 Difference

Choose IshiftDt12 for all your G85 & G65 Automatic 6 Gears transmission needs, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working with a team of experienced and certified technicians.

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch service, ensuring your vehicle’s performance and efficiency are always at their best.

IshiftDt12 for Your G85 & G65 Automatic 6 Gears Transmission Needs

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Our experienced technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify any issues with your G85 or G65 Automatic 6 Gears transmission, ensuring fast and efficient solutions.

Expert Repairs

Leveraging our expertise in working with unique transmission systems, our team performs high-quality repairs that restore your vehicle’s performance and reliability.

Rebuild Services

If your G85 or G65 Automatic 6 Gears transmission requires a rebuild, our experts meticulously disassemble, inspect, and replace any worn or damaged components, extending the life of your transmission system.


Maintenance Services

IshiftDt12 is committed to keeping your G85 & G65 Automatic 6 Gears transmission running smoothly with regular maintenance services, ensuring your vehicle stays on the road longer.

Genuine Parts

As a trusted provider of G85 & G65 Automatic 6 Gears transmission services, we use only genuine parts for all repairs and rebuilds, guaranteeing optimal performance and compatibility.



Contact IshiftDt12 today to learn more about our G85 & G65 Automatic 6 Gears transmission services and discover why we are the go-to choice for vehicle owners and fleets looking for specialized transmission work.